Power Cruising

It is a proven fact that a properly designed and powered long range powerboat can safely cross oceans and circumnavigate the world if the owner so desires. In the 1940's Capt. Robert Beebe was completely correct when he wrote that a properly designed and built motorboat, (or as he called it, a passagemaker) is safer in most conditions than a wind powered craft for long ocean passages. To those of you that haven't read it, I heartily recommend the book "Voyaging Under Power" by Capt. Robert Beebe and revised by James Leishman. I have a Book Store where you can acquire the books and videos that I recommend.
But power cruising isn't limited to crossing oceans. In fact, that is a small percentage of the use that is given to cruising powerboats. In recent times, there has been an increase in the production and the use of the power boat that is sometimes called a trawler. Coastal cruising, ocean passages, island hopping and being able to live aboard and to change domicile when the urge comes is what these boats are all about.
This site is devoted to these boats and to the people that use them.
Enjoy, and good cruising.
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