M/V "Float Plane"
Val & Alice Trent
Seattle, WA

Float Plane is a 1993 Vista built in Taiwan by the Kha Shung yards. Val and his wife are both commercial pilots and fly both Learjets and Canadair Challenger jets. It's from their aviation backround that the name "Float Plane" comes from, since Val sold one of his airplanes to buy the boat. A fair exchange, since the boat is used to unwind from the daily flying and the management of his charter company, National Charter.

Val and Alice cruise along with their two cats, Aileron and Velcro, who are both unenthusiastic boat cats as Aileron likes to spend time underway under the table in the salon or behind the TV or on top of the closets.

The boat is mainly used in the beautiful waters that sorround Seattle and the San Juan islands.

At anchor in Poulsbo, Washington


Float Plane underway in the San Juan Islands

Anchoring in Prevost Harbor, Washington