My name is Jorge González and I was born some years back in the city of Ponce on the island of Puerto Rico. In my life I have been involved in many unrelated interests since graduating from college in Massachusetts. Upon graduation, I ran a dairy farm in Dorado, Puerto Rico for several years until I changed to the profession that would keep me active until I retired early. I began professional aviation as a pilot in small commuter air lines and moved to large planes flying freight and passangers, getting my Captain's license in Convair aircraft.

After several years, I transitioned to corporate aviation and was fortunate to have been involved in many thousands of hours flying Challenger 601/604 and the extraordinary Gulfstream 4 aircraft.

Convair flight crew - Dominican Republic

The wonderful Gulfstream 4 corporate jet

In the cockpit on a trip to Chicago

As Chief Pilot on Gulfstream IV

With President George Bush

The crew with the President and First Lady Laura Bush

As part of my job, I was involved in flying to every part of the world many, many of the celebrities from the world of entertainment and politics, such as President George Bush, the first lady Laura Bush, actors Dany DeVito, Bruce Willis, Sandra Bullock, Helen Hunt, opera singer Luciano Pavarotti and many others. I have been lucky to have flown to many of the great cities of the world such as Paris, London, Chicago, Moscow, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Beijing, New York, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, etc.

Even while flying, I have always been involved in boats and the boating industry, earning my U.S. Coast Guard Master's license after navigating the Caribbean Sea and with several trips from the Caribbean to the U.S. mainland. After the first of these trips in a Bertram 46 sportfisherman, I became extremely interested in long range cruising in a powerboat. Thus, I can proudly use my title of Captain, both on water as well as in the air.

I have had other important interests in my life such as photography and computers. My photography career included teaching at several Art Institutes and many competitions, exhibitions and gallery and museum shows.

At this stage in my life, I've put aside the quest for money and have decided to devote my time to the really important things, living fully and doing the things that I had not enough time for.

I've lived in almost as many places as I have professions, but after several years in big expensive cities like Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles, I picked Panama City in the Republic of Panama as the place where I want to spend my remaining years. This city has all the benefits of a modern city, yet within 30 minutes I can be in the jungle or fishing in lakes surrounded by monkeys, sloths, parrots, toucans and other wonders.

Panama City skyline and my apartment location


View from my apartment in Panama City, Republic of Panama


I now own a 1973 Bristol 42 foot trawler which I bought in Georgetown, South Carolina from a fine southern gentleman. The name of the boat is "TAINA", which comes from the indigenous people that Columbus found on the island of Puerto Rico.


This is my trawler "TAINA" before refurbishing in Guatemala

This is "TAINA" at Providencia Island after refurbishing


From Georgetown I navigated part of the wonderful Intracoastal Waterway and some offshore cruising to arrive in Miami where I had a checkout done on all the equipment prior to starting my trip to Panama. This voyage was the realization of a long time dream of mine. I stopped at Key West before crossing north of Cuba to cross the Yucatan Channel to the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. I had planned to spend a week or so there but the trip had to be hurried due to some unexpected hurricanes heading our way. From there I went to the Rio Dulce in Guatemala to have a complete refurbishment of the trawler. This went like magic; U.S. quality at Guatemalan prices. The painting was done at Abel Ramirez's Astillero Magdalena and all the preparation work was done by Luvin Aceituno and his crew. As the before and after pictures show, the work done came out wonderful.

Seven months after arriving in the Rio Dulce, the boat was ready, as well as I, to continue the route to my new home. The first stop was Roatan of the Bay Islands of Honduras where I spent a week waiting for a weather window to continue to Providencia Island, which belongs to Colombia and is some 250 miles from the entrance to the Panama Canal. Great food and very friendly people awaited us here. Finally, not wanting to wait any longer, we departed knowing that we were going to encounter heavy seas on out final offshore leg on the trip to Panama. Some 40 hours later we finally entered the breakwater at the entrance to Colon, the Caribbean entrance to the canal.

The trip through the canal went without a hitch although it is incredible to think that it was built 100 years ago and still going strong. We had a serenade of the howler monkeys the night we anchored in Lake Gatun waiting for morning to finish the crossing. The next day we finally arrived at TAINA's permanent home, the Club de Yates y Pesca de Panama which just happens to be about 8 blocks from my house.

Several weeks after my arrival I made my first trip inside Panama, to one of the best fishing places in the world, Bahia Piñas. The sailfish in this area were jumping and hitting the baits continually, making me think that they were as plentiful as sardines. We caught 8 sailfish in two days and we would have caught more if I had checked my fishing gear before we left. The size of the fish and their strength don't allow for weak gear. Bahia Piñas is completely out of the way, having to travel there either by boat or by small plane to the small airfield a couple of miles from the lodge. Of course, the benefit of the trawler is the complete independence from shore, needing no hotel rooms, showers, etc., as everything is aboard.

****** what a fantastic trip ******

Beautiful Sailfish I caught at Bahia Piña, Panama

Taina crossing the Panama Canal

This was my Bertram 46' sportfisherman

With my autogyro in Paducah, KY